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Gary Mull's most popular presentation, the highly motivational and inspirational 'Set Your Sails for Success", explores the metaphor of adapting to change and harnessing the natural forces and energies within to achieve results.  Illustrated by magnificent color photography from his successful nautical journey from the Gulf of Mexico to Michigan, and supplemented by music and sound effects, this presentation investigates the human qualities that we must all bring to bear in dealing with the challenges and unpredictability of life, and the uncertain world of the 21st century. We cannot stop change, nor can we ignore it. But we can increase our ability to adapt, to manage change effectively, and to benefit from the numerous opportunities that change creates.

Although we cannot always control what goes on around us, we do always have a choice to see it as a negative or positive force in our business and personal lives. Attendees will leave this session feeling better about themselves and their organization. They will recognize the importance of focusing on the positive to produce personal and professional success and learn how anyone can turn obstacles into opportunities. Concepts explored by this presentation include: Teamwork, Preparation, Commitment, Adapting to changing environments, Setting realistic goals, and The role of positive attitude. 

The advantages of being able to communicate effectively can't be understated; with boosted confidence and persuasive ability comes a competitive edge in business, politics, sales, civic organizations, and almost every area of life.  As a professional speaker and presentation coach for over 15 years, Gary has the knowledge and experience to show you how to apply specific techniques to get your message across in a clear and compelling fashion.

This program will help you to score a direct hit with every presentation you make, by giving you the confidence, conviction, and enthusiasm to leave a lasting impact on your audience.

We've all placed unnecessary limits on ourselves -- limits that reduce our professional and personal performance. Most of these limits derive from fear. By learning how to respond effectively to fear we take the first critical step in moving beyond these limits. With our fear in check we become capable of taking constructive risks and starting to leave our limits behind.

In this presentation, Gary Mull uses engaging storytelling and vivid visual images to clearly and persuasively make the case for accepting fear as an unavoidable part of performance improvement. Gary has a unique perspective on facing fear he's gained through numerous personal experiences in sailing and other adventurous environments. These experiences give build great credibility with audiences as he shares the four steps they can use to move to new levels of professional and personal performance.

The name of William Bligh, Captain of the HMS Bounty during the famous mutiny, is almost synonymous with cruel and tyrannical leadership in modern mythology.  In reality, he seems to have been a highly competent and humane leader, who did a lot of things right.  (Unfortunately, a few of the things he did wrong led to the loss of his ship, and almost his life.) 

In this presentation,  we explore the leadership qualities and methods employed by the famous captain, and what lessons we can take from his experiences to sharpen our own leadership skills.  

Thank you for helping us "Set our Sails for Success".  Your innovative approach to important concepts, and a steady stream of humor throughout, kept us entertained and motivated.  The tools that you gave us continue to positively impact the organization. 

Susan Barker,
Director of Staff Development, IBM 


Gary Mull is a proud Member of the Professional Speakers Guild, an organization for professional speakers, trainers, authors and meeting professionals who are committed to continual self-improvement, and high ethical standards.







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